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Are You Gambling with Your Recovery and Heading Toward a Relapse?


Get my "How to Clear the Beliefs that Keep You Stuck in Addictions" eBook so you can: 

Feel relief from the haunting thoughts and internal noise that may lead to relapse

Experience happiness and greater awareness as you dissolve blocks and barriers 

Sense freedom as your old habits of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are replaced by empowering habits

About The Author

Randi Briggs inspires women in recovery to dig deep and transform their beliefs to prevent relapse and become unstoppable in creating the life of their dreams.  

Randi is one of only 300 Clear your Beliefs Certified Coaches in the world. She’s also a SMART Recovery facilitator and a certified Emotional Intelligence and Master Spirit Coach. She brings vast experience in the field of Social and Human Services.  

She’s driven by her WHY which is that most of her family have died from the consequences of addictions. She has personal experience with addictions and identifies deeply with the struggles of women.  

One of her greatest gifts is coaching women who have been through the ravages of addiction with a lighthearted and often humorous touch. She’s down-to-earth, kind and supportive yet will lovingly call out your BS.  

She loves helping her clients follow a science and evidence-based path toward recovery that enables them to find their own version of spirituality.  

Randi lives in the woods and is owned by Bosco, AKA Bossy her adopted Labradoodle. She enjoys ecstatic dancing, drumming, cooking, and gardening.